I have consistently worked to reduce the tax burden on our citizens by voting against property tax increases and encouraging greater accountability and efficiency in government.  This has resulted in improved quality of service at a lower cost (less need for higher taxes) with a healthier financial outlook for our city.

Law Enforcement

My top priority as your city councilmember is ensuring the safety of our streets and neighborhoods. I support strong law enforcement to deter and reduce crime and have consistently voted to ensure our police officers have the funding and support they need to serve and protect our community. I have voted to fund the hiring of additional officers as well as funding a new jail facility. Our efforts in policing have produced impressive results. While 2020 was a challenging year showing increases in certain types of crime, we still have a lower overall crime rate than some of our neighboring cities. Compared to our 4 year average (as of June 2021), the city’s crime rate has decreased by more than 20%. 

Homelessness & Addiction

I have been deeply involved in finding and implementing solutions to the challenges of homelessness and addiction in our community and have personally worked with individuals and families who have been impacted by these challenges.  I have supported and voted to fund the implementation of innovative programs that help people get off the streets and receive treatment, including the city’s embedded social worker program and the city’s MESH (Micro Emergency Shelter Home) program. These programs have resulted in hundreds of individuals undergoing drug treatments and/or securing housing.

Traffic Congestion

I’ve supported the allocation of a substantial amount of resources towards alleviating traffic congestion in our city.  I have voted to fund several important transportation projects which keep our citizens moving, including the new First Street Bypass which opened last year. Other significant projects are scheduled, including new I-5 interchanges at SR 529 and at 156th Street. I will continue to prioritize transportation funding and work with our state and federal legislators to secure grant funds for future traffic improvements. I will also ensure that new development pays their fair share of the infrastructure improvements. 

Residential Development

We must not let developers overrun our city with housing developments. I voted for changes in our zoning laws to curtail certain large housing projects in favor of zoning that will bring jobs to our community. You can now see the results of these efforts in the north end of our city where light industrial facilities are being built with the potential of thousands of new family-wage jobs in the coming years.

Constitutional Rights & Liberty

As your representative, I’ve taken an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Washington. I don’t take this lightly, and have endeavored to apply constitutional principles to the decisions I make. I will be vigilant in safeguarding our liberties in the home we call Marysville.